Quebec, February 16, 2016 – Quebec City’s Technological showcase Program for Solucycle – Food waste management.

Creator of a new system for recovering organic materials from the kitchen sink for multi-residential and commercial buildings, Solucycle will recieve financial support from Quebec City through its showcase Program in the amount of $252,000 to equip future Pointe-aux-Lièvres condos with its innovative system, which simplifies the management and recovery of organic materials.

True precursors, the two co-founders of Solucycle, Mathieu Linteau and Steve Linteau, have developed from scratch a solution that greatly facilitates the management of organic materials in buildings in dense urban environments. Developped with the support of the Quebec industrial Research Center (CRIQ) and the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS), their process combines sorting, grinding and composting. It allows you to recover 100% of organic matter and this by simple and daily actions when rinsing the dishes in the kitchen sink.

«We are more than proud to be part of the innovative businesses supported by the city of Quebec. This is an essential recognition of the ingenuity and credibility of Solucycle, a support that is likely to inspire other cities and municipalities, or insittutions or businesses. The honor is even greater beacause Pointe-aux_Lièvres eco-district project is a first-rate showcase for our organic waste recovery system», says Mathieu Linteau, co-founder of Solucycle.



The Solucycle system collects and sorts table scraps locally, using Solucycle food grinders installed in kitchen sinks, recovering up to 50% of the volume of garbage. In commercial buildings, a crushing bollard installed inside the building collects organic matter and a portion of oil and grease.

Grinded food waste then moves to a pool near the building where they are separated by setting and allow the water to flow to the treatment plants. All organic matter is finally collected and sent by Solucycle to an anaerobic digestion plant or a composting center.



With its 13-storey solid wood structure, its 94 condo units and its many eco-responsible facets the building that will house the Origine condos in the heart of the district Pointe-aux-Lièvres in 2017 is the perfect place to stay to implement Solucycle’s first residential organic waste recovery system.

«The Solucycle system is unheard of, just like our high-rise wooden tower. The choice to implement such a system was natural. It will greatly facilitate the lives of condos owners, as well as further reducing the ecological footprint of our project» says Mr. George Blouin of Synchro, promoter of the Origine project.



By sorting on-site 100% of the organic matter discharged by households and businesses, the Solucycle system reduces the quantity, frequency and duration of waste collection, a real operational and economic benefit for municipalities and the environment. All this without counting fats and oils recovered by a separation system, an operation that helps preserve infrastructure and reduce maintenance costs.

«Implementing the Solucycle system also has many advantages for citizens: unrivaled ease of use, no smelly odors and less waste handling, to name just a few», says M. Linteau.


About Solucycle

Solucycle™ is a Quebec City-area company specialized in the management and recovery of organic matter. Its innovative concept allows to collect food waste in multi-residential buildings, directly from their sink. For restaurants, congress centers, hospitals, hotels and cafeterias, Solucycle developed a smart terminal directly installed in their kitchens. The concept facilitate the management of food waste. Subsequently, all of the organic matter is collected by Solucycle™ and transformed into compost or biogas.



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