Quebec, January 12, 2018 – As climate change is discussed around the world, governments are implementing new regulations to limit activities that can speed up the process.

Solucycle is a sustainable project that addresses this issue, but goes far beyond by bringing many economic and operational benefits to its customers. That’s why the team is proud to have introduced the technology to Isabelle Melançon, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight against Climate Change during a visit at Ste-Foy Cochon Dingue restaurant. The Solu-Robot is a technology for which sustainable development and circular economy take on their full meaning.


With “some 13 million tonnes of waste produced each year in Quebec”, there is an “undeniable potential to be exploited for both the manufacturing of goods and for the production of energy”[1].

The Quebec’s residual Materials Management Policy establishes measures to achieve the objectives in time. Among these, the establishment of alternative processes to incineration or burial of food waste (banned starting in 2022).