What volume is your system able to process ?

The system can process 1 500 lbs of matter per hour

Can it be installed in an existing building ?

The system has been engineered in order to meet implementation requirements. It can be installed in a new building or as a retrofit project in an existing building

Where and how is the holding tank installed ?

The installation of the holding tank adapts to space constraints. It can be above-ground, excavated, inside or outside the building

Does the system takes up a lot of space ?

No, the system has been designed to increase staff efficiency and food waste management. The robot measurements are 24″ x 30″ x 80″

What are the differences with traditional systems?

Compared to traditional systems, some of the advantages are:

  • Eliminates odors and vermin
  • Does not require a refrigerated room to keep food waste fresh
  • No more plastic bags to carry
  • Trash bins can be stolen or contaminated by disposal of additional waste by other people when left outside, which can’t happen with the SoluRobot

Where do you send the organic matter ?

A local collector, connected to our communication system, routes the matter to an anaerobic digester or a compost center to valorize it into biogas or compost. By using our robot, your company could meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives

What is my return on investment ?

Your return on investment is between 12 to 36 months

Is there a warranty ?

Yes, the robot comes with a one year warranty on labor and parts. An extended warranty is also available

How much water does the system use ?

The system operates without water. Water is needed only to clean the robot (about 2 gallons per cleaning cycle)

Is it possible to have an environmental report ?

Yes, all our customers can request an environmental report. Shortly, the Solucycle App will provide a faster access to those reports

Will it allow us to have a certification ?

Yes, the robot can provide you points for several certifications such as LEED, Green Key, WELL…