Several governments around the world have set goals related to organic waste recovery and repurposing. Their objectives aim to increase recovery of organic matter produced in highly populated multi-residential and commercial buildings and to succeed in eliminating organic waste in landfills by 2022.

In 2012, more than 4.7 million tons of organic waste was produced (agribusiness excluded). Only 1.2 million was recovered, representing a recycling rate of only 25% [1].

Quebec - Organic Waste Recovery - Actual vs Targeted
Laval (2012) - 8%
Montreal (2012) - 12%
Longueuil (2012) - 12%
Quebec Province (2012) - 25%
Montreal (Mont-Royal) (2012) - 39%
Gatineau (2013) - 43%
PQGMR Target (2015) - 60%
PQGMR Target (2022) - 100%

Organic matter is a valuable resource for renewable energy production such as biomethane (natural gas) or compost. To operate and to ensure their profitability, anaerobic digestion plants and composting centers will have a recurrent need for raw materials. It is essential to improve organic waste collection in order to maximize its recovery and meet the 2022 target.

Instead of letting methane out into the atmosphere, biogas resulting from fermentation can be recycled for green energy production. 

The digestate, as well as the compost, very rich in minerals, can be used to enrich arable lands.

Government Programs

Since 2008, the Canadian and provincial governments have provided $650 million to finance infrastructure construction costs to repurpose organic matter through anaerobic digestion or composting in the residential sector. [2].

Several waste recovery projects are operational. For example, Toronto has two active biogas plants. Vancouver’s goal is to be acknowledged as the greenest city in the world by 2020 and it already has the infrastructure to repurpose organic matter. New York also has appropriate infrastructures and uses a three-way collection (the brown bin system) to collect organic matter. In order to meet these needs, Solucycle provides the most convenient solution to make organic matter easy to sort and collect in large urban centers for recovery and green energy production.