THE Solu-Robot

The Solu-Robot is a simple and effective solution to food residue management. After converting the matter into sludge – without using water – the robot routes it to a holding tank equipped with an intelligent system. The latter sends a signal when it is necessary to proceed with the collection. Recovering this matter makes it possible to valorize food waste in a green energy (biogas) or in compost/fertilizer.

Clean technology that takes up little space for an optimal and sustainable management of your operations. The Solu-Robot accepts all food and even paper napkins or tea paper bags.

Available for purchase or lease, for an existing building (rertrofit) or under construction, it adapts to the constraints of implementation.


The Solu-Robot is equipped with an intelligent system that calculates the volume of matter and offers the possibility of obtaining environmental reports

Time & space saving
Reduces food residue management costs

No water needed –  The robot generates a sludge without impurity for a better conversion into biogas or compost